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Polished Tools And Methods For Agate Stone Carvings
Nov 29, 2018

Grinding tools and materials include polishing machines, grinding wheels, sandpaper, water sandpaper, chrome oxide, polishing paste, and the like. This process is carried out according to the artistic effect, and some are all polished, and some are partially polished.

First, the common three kinds of agate raw material polishing methods :1, using a hanging mill polishing. 2. Polished using a disc polisher. 3, vibration polishing machine is generally suitable for large-scale polishing.

Second, choose some common tools : 1, agate raw material engraving and hanging machine (Note; it is recommended to use a hanging mill with a soft shaft, with a soft shaft to use more flexible and more convenient.) 2, prepare some corresponding diamond grinding head and jade strip Sickles and sandpaper, etc. . 3, Prepare some corresponding wool felts and cowhide and rubber grinding wheels and brushes.  4, Prepare some polishing powder or polishing paste and glazing wax. 5 fixing glue used for agate carving. 6 grinding stone used in vibration polishing machine

Third, the tool is ready, then we can polish the surface. The gap is generally polished with a brush or a bamboo stick or bamboo chopsticks and polishing powder. The surface is usually polished with a felt wheel with polishing paste or cowhide with agate stone polishing powder.