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Reasonable Choice Of Diamond Grinding Tools In Optical Glass Processing
Dec 08, 2018

The reasonable choice of diamond products in optical glass processing mainly refers to the shape and size, bonding agent type, diamond particle size, diamond concentration and bonding agent of diamond tools according to the shape, grade, processing quality requirements and processing technology of the processed optical glass components. Select the hardness and so on. The general selection principle is:

(1) Select the shape and accuracy of diamond coated grinding wheels according to the machining method and the accuracy of the machine tool.

(2) The particle size of the diamond tooldiamond tool grinding wheels is selected according to the remaining amount of the processed original and the roughness of the surface.

(3) Select the concentration of diamond according to the size of the workpiece and the processing procedure and the coverage ratio of the diamond tool, especially for fine grinding and super finishing.

(4) Select the type of bonding agent according to the process of machining the workpiece and the grade of the workpiece, especially for fine grinding and super finishing. For fine grinding, bronze, nickel-based, cobalt-based and iron-based are generally selected; superfine grinding is selected as a resin binder. The finishing of soft glass is selected from bronze and nickel. Hard glass and more viscous glass are selected from iron and cobalt.

(5) Select the hardness and strength of the diamond tool according to the grade, hardness and brittleness of the machined optical parts. In general, the soft glass and the brittle small glass selection binder have lower hardness; the binder strength is smaller. The hardness of the hard and brittle glass is higher; the strength of the binder is larger.

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