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Reasonable Selection Of Diamond Grinding Wheel For Grinding Hard Alloy Woodworking Tools
Jan 16, 2019

1. Workpiece material

For different workpiece materials and different processing requirements , different diamond grinding wheels should be used. Even if the same kind of workpiece material is ground, the grinding ratio of different material grinding wheels may differ by 2 to 5 times, so the appropriate grinding wheel should be selected.

Diamond grinding wheels are the best abrasive tools for grinding high-hardness and brittle non-metallic materials such as cemented carbide and ceramics, optical glass, gemstones and stone. However, since diamond is easily carbonized at 700 ° C to 800 ° C, it is not suitable for grinding steel with a large amount of iron. The hardness of CBN is slightly lower than that of diamond, but its thermal stability is good (can withstand 1300 ° C ~ 1400 ° C high temperature), chemical inertity with iron elements, high thermal conductivity (46 times that of corundum), made with it The grinding wheel has a long service life (up to tens of times to more than one hundred times of the corundum grinding wheel). It does not decompose at high temperature like diamond (ie oxidation and graphitization). It is an alternative to corundum grinding wheel for hardened steel, bearing steel and high speed tools. The best abrasive tool is for high hardness and toughness metal materials such as steel, stainless steel, heat resistant steel and titanium alloy.


2. Bonding agent

Bonding agents for diamond wheels are metal, resin, electroplating, ceramics and brazing. The metal bond grinding wheel is used for cutting grinding, optical curve grinding, forming single-edged tool, grinding spiral groove of small drill bit, and also suitable for electrolytic grinding. Resin bond grinding wheel is mainly used for sharpening tool , grinding, cylindrical grinding and surface grinding. Electroplating grinding wheel is suitable for high-speed fine grinding and forming grinding, also suitable for efficient grinding of holes (warm grinding) and use on coordinate grinding machines. Ceramic bond grinding wheel has high grinding efficiency, the shape is kept good, the durability is high, the trimming is easy, the diamond grinding wheel has a long service life, and the ceramic bond itself has good chemical stability, heat resistance, acid and alkali corrosion resistance, can adapt to various grinding fluids, grinding Low cost, it has become the first choice for efficient and high-precision grinding;.Brazed grinding wheels are suitable for ultra-high speed grinding.

Different grades of abrasives have different crystal shapes and particle shapes due to different manufacturing processes, and have different strength, thermal stability and fracture characteristics. Different materials should be selected according to the type of bonding agent, the workpiece material to be ground and the grinding method. Abrasive. For ceramic bond diamond grinding wheels for efficient and high-precision grinding, high-strength and grain-shaped abrasives such as PDA type (synthetic diamond type) and ABN800 type (CBN type) or other similar performance grades can be selected.


3. Concentration

The concentration of the diamond grinding wheel cannot be chosen too low, and the high depth can bring a high grinding ratio. The 200% concentration diamond is actually a general grinding wheel with diamond as an auxiliary material, which is generally not recommended. At present, high-speed and high-efficiency grinding uses a higher concentration, and the concentration of the ceramic bond CBN grinding wheel is highly efficient. The concentration of the ceramic bond CBN grinding wheel is generally selected to be more than 125%, such as the imported ceramic CBN grinding wheel. Generally they are 175%~200%.