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Reasons For Poor Bonding Of Metal Strong Grooved Grinding Wheel Base And Abrasive
Nov 27, 2018

The strong grooved grinding wheel is used for slotting machining of carbide milling cutters and drill tools. In order to prevent the diamond layer fall of during the grooving operation, the bonding strength between the substrate and the diamond is required to be high.

There are many reasons why the metal strong grooved grinding wheel base and the abrasive are not combined: one is the material problem of the substrate; the other is the problem of the metal bond. There is a correlation between the two. If the temperature of the substrate and the temperature of the metal bond are too different,  the activity between the molecules of the material is not well activated , so the base and the abrasive cannot be well combined. The expansion coefficient between the matrix material and the metal binder material is not the same. If the difference is large, large cracks may occur and the bonding cannot be well combined .

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