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The History Of The Resin Bond Grinding Wheel Development
Nov 29, 2017

Resin bond grinding wheel is one of the important tools that used in industrial production. It developed with the development of the whole industry. In ancient times, people used grindable materials, hard ores and coarse abrasives as simple means of sharpening tools, implements and weapons. This is the earliest grinding. 

With the development of society, the grinding process is gradually complicated, and the requirements for the grinding tools are getting higher. In 1825, Indian people began to use natural resin shellac as the binding agent, making natural resin diamond tools to grind steel. With the development of the chemical industry and smelting industry, the brown aluminium oxide tools were made successfully in 1901. In 1910, white corundum tool was also produced. In 1907, it invented industrial phenolic resin, and in 1923 made the phenolic resin tools. In 1946, epoxy resin abrasive tools were made and achieved industrial production in the early 1950s. It has high strength, numerous varieties, strong adaptability and so on. So far in the organic abrasive binder, it mainly used phenolic resin and Epoxy resin. With the development of the molecular materials industry in the chemical industry, artificial synthetic resin tools are applied in the abrasive manufacturing industry, thus creating a period of rapid development of resin abrasive tools. Now there are a wide range of resin abrasive tools that have complete specifications and applied in many fields. In some industrially advanced countries, the output of resin abrasive tools has exceeded the ceramic abrasive tools.