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The Difference Between Ceramic Bond And Resin Bond
Jan 10, 2018

The difference between ceramic bond and resin bond

Ceramic bonding agent

This binder is the most widely used and can be made into abrasive tools of all sizes, hardness, texture, shape and size. Ceramic bonding agent in the grinding has stable performance, water resistance, acid resistance, alkali resistance and oil resistance. It won’t be affected by the weather and temperature changes. Vitrified grinding wheels can be grinding in a variety of conditions, can also be used for dry grinding. Compared with other binders, ceramic bonding agent can be made into different pore sizes of abrasive tools, such as the large pore size grinding wheel. In grinding process it is less susceptible to chip clogging, and thus has high grinding efficiency.

In general, ceramic bonded grinding wheels are used at speeds below 35 m / s, but also can be made high speed grinding wheels above 35 m / s, such as 50 m / s, 60 m / s, 80 m / s.

Ceramic bonded grinding wheel in the grinding process can maintain the good shape, it is suitable for forming grinding, such as grinding thread, grinding gear, sample grinding and other forming grinding. 

Boron-containing ceramic binders have better grinding properties than other types of ceramic binders because of their low binder content, which can increase the abrasive porosity and expose the abrasive edges.


Resin binder

Its scope of application is second only to ceramic bond. It has a certain degree of flexibility and strength, and has the polishing performance, like coarse, fine, fine grinding. Generally it is applicable to the following aspects.

As the resin bond easily burn at high temperatures, and the self-sharpening is better, in general use a wide range of desert processes, such as cast iron burr, mill billet and surface grinding.

Resin bonding agent can also be made of thicker grinding wheel for centerless grinding cylindrical grinding machines. It commonly used in cutting metal materials or non-metallic materials. At the same time, the production process of resin bonded grinding wheel is more flexible, can join the glass fiber mesh to increase the strength of the wheel, like 60 ~ 80m / s high-speed grinding disc, cutting disc etc, also can be used for the weld joint or cutting off .

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