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Resin Bond Grinding Wheel - The Cold Pressing Process
Jan 31, 2018

Resin bond grinding wheel - the cold pressing process

The production process of Resin grinding wheel isn’t only one. According to the different needs, we will use different production processes. The main are the semi-hot pressing process, cold pressing process and hot pressing process three. Today we introduce the cold pressing process:

The binders of cold pressing are wetting agents and powdered resin, usually wetting agents have liquid phenolic resin, furfural, furfuryl alcohol, cresol, etc. the most used is liquid phenolic resin.

The factors that determine the ratio of liquid resin to powdered resin are: abrasive particle size distribution, type of filler, the ratio of liquid powder and filler, viscosity of liquid resin, properties of powdered resin etc. If the viscosity of the liquid resin is greater, it need more liquid resin to coat the surface of the abrasive. The smaller the particle size and filler, the larger the specific surface area and the greater the amount of liquid. The higher the molecular weight of the powdered resin, the lower the free phenol, the worse its adhesion to the liquid resin, the more liquid it needs.

Resin bond grinding wheel has the characteristic of a certain degree of flexibility, low heat resistance, good self-sharpening. And it is easy to manufacture and has a short process cycle. It is widely used in rough grinding, snagging, cutting off and free grinding, such as grinding ingot, casting burr.

JR company specializes in diamond and CBN tools, including resin bond, vitrified bond, metal bond and electroplated grinding wheel.

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