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The Characteristics And Application Of Resin Bond Grinding Wheel
Sep 14, 2017

Resin bond is an organic binder; it can make the high strength grinding wheel with a certain flexibility and low heat resistance. The grinding wheel has good self-sharpening, and easy to produce. And the process cycle is short. The working speed can be higher than 50 m / s. Its application range is second only to vitrified bond grinding wheel. It is widely used in coarse grinding, cutting and free grinding, such as grinding steel ingots, casting burrs and so on. Resin bond can also made high-speed, high-quality grinding wheel, and heavy load, cut off and a variety of special wheels.

At the same time resin bond grinding wheels are a large demand tools. It is a tool that uses benzoic acid and polyamide or other resins as binders, compound with diamond or cubic boron nitride (CBN) abrasives and inorganic fillers to from different grinding wheels. These wheels are effectively used in a variety of grinding files, such as surface grinding, cylindrical centerless grinding, slotting and internal grinding. It is ideal for ultra-heat resistant stainless steel, cermet, ceramic products, glassware, limonite, high speed steel, alloy tools and many other new super hard materials grinding tools.

There are a number of special resin-bonded diamond wheels for fast cold cutting. These wheels are particularly suitable for grinding of cemented carbide tools, such as saw blades, cutters, drill tools, milling cutters. In addition, it can be used for precision grinding of carbide die, roller and carbonized wear parts. Resin bond grinding wheel is the first choice for precision machining of ceramic products and grinding of tungsten carbide products. Resin bond CBN grinding wheels can also be used for grinding high speed steels, tools and die steels and FtRC50 superalloys.