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Research Status Of Resin Bonded Diamond Grinding Wheel
Dec 14, 2017

Resin bond diamond wheels use the resin powder as a bonding material, adding filler material to process into a shape with a grinding tool through the hot pressing, hardening and machining. Recently, in China the binders are mainly phenolic resin, epoxy resin and polyimide. But their common problem is poor heat resistance. During the grinding process the grinding heat will lead to the resin soften, decompose and reduce the adhesion of abrasive. Thus diamond grinding wheel does not play a very good role, which result in a lot of diamond abrasives are easy to fall off. Thus its durability is poor.

Phenolic resin (PF) is the earliest industrialized synthetic resin in the world. It is widely used in resin bond diamond grinding wheel. However, ordinary phenolic resin can be used steadily as resin binder of grinding wheel below 200 ° C. If it exceeds 200 ° C, the phenolic hydroxyl and methylene will be oxidized that will affect its heat resistance and oxidation resistance. The cured phenolic resin will be brittle due to only aromatic nuclei as the methylene link, so the traditional unmodified Phenolic resin seems brittle, poor toughness, lack of heat resistance. It limits the resin bond diamond wheel applications. Therefore, it is very necessary to make high-performance phenolic resin.

 In recent years, many countries pay more attention to the modification of phenolic resin and the enhancement of composite materials. And they have developed a series of phenolic resin varieties with excellent mechanical properties, such as high heat resistance and flame retardancy. 

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