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Some Notices In The Grinding Process Of Resin Grinding Wheel
Mar 15, 2018

Some notices in the grinding process of resin grinding wheel


Any grinding wheel should be noticed some problems in the grinding process. Today, we explain the issues of resin grinding wheel, which we need to pay attention:

(1) Notice the contact condition of the grinding wheel and important parts.

When the resin grinding wheel grinds the surface of the workpiece, it will hear a squeaking sound. The grinding wheel will take away the water marks on the surface of the workpiece and flash a faint sparkle, and then the cooling liquid can be increased. The cooling liquid is slightly deeper than the ordinary saponification liquid, but it need to be clean, and then fed. Please notice that each load is 0.005mm per double stroke until the spark disappears and the grinding ends. At this moment, the horizontal feed grinding wheel will be pulled down in the feeding direction, so that the wheel is slightly approached to the workpiece, but not fed. This is for polishing the workpiece to make the surface roughness of the workpiece can be up to Ra 0.02 μm.

(2) Prevent workpiece expansion.

During grinding in the summer, the machine tool lighting is closed to the workpiece, the lamp will radiating and causing the workpiece to expand and affect the grinding quality.

(3) The workpiece surface is not clear.

This is caused by dirty coolant or floating abrasive on the surface of the resin grinding wheel. We need to strictly filter the coolant or brush the abrasive off.

(4) Topical burns.

This is because the coolant is insufficient, the feed is too large, or the resin grinding wheel is blunt.

(5) Minute ripples on the surface of the workpieces.

At the end of machining, the topical workpiece maybe will appear some ripples. It may relates to the spindle looseness, the motor vibration or other factors. Therefore, it is necessary to select appropriate measures as per the actual situation.

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