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Safety Technical Problems Needing Attention In Grinding Process
Jun 27, 2017

The machine tool should be thoroughly inspected before driving, including inspection of fixture such as control mechanism, electrical equipment and magnetic chuck. After the inspection, lubrication, lubrication after the commissioning, to ensure that all good, before use.

Loading card workpiece should pay attention to Kazheng, clamping, in the grinding process workpiece loose will cause the workpiece to fly out of harm or smashed grinding wheel, and other serious consequences. At the beginning of the work, the application of hand mode, so that the wheel slowly with the workpiece near, starting to feed small, not to force too hard, to prevent the impact of the wheel. Need to use the Iron Control table reciprocating movement, according to the workpiece grinding length, accurate adjustment, will block iron tight.

The replacement of the wheel, you must first check the appearance, whether there is a trauma, and then with a wooden hammer or a wooden stick, the sound is crisp and no cracks. Installation of the grinding wheel must be in accordance with the required methods and requirements of assembly, static balance debugging after installation, commissioning, all normal, before use.

Workers in the work to wear protective glasses, dressing the wheel to be balanced to prevent impact. Measuring the workpiece, adjusting or wiping the machine must be done after the outage. When using magnetic suction chuck, the disk surface, workpiece cleaning, tight, suction, if necessary, can be added iron, prevent workpiece shift or fly out. Be careful to install the wheel shield or the machine tool baffle, and position the front side of the high speed rotating wheel.