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Selection Of Grinding Wheels For CNC Internal Grinding Machine
Dec 19, 2018

The cutting or grinding quality of CNC internal grinding machines depends to a large extent on the grinding wheel. Grinding wheels play a key role in the grinding quality of CNC grinding machines. We often use electroplated grinding wheels, resin grinding wheels, ceramic grinding wheels, CBN grinding wheels, etc. What kind of grinding wheel should we choose?

1. The choice of the shape of the grinding wheel .

The grinding wheel commonly used in CNC grinding machines has two kinds of cylindrical and cup-shaped grinding wheels. The cylindrical grinding wheel mainly grinds the through hole, and the cup type grinding wheel mainly grinds the inner hole, and the end surface of the stepped hole can also be ground.

2. Selection of diameter of grinding wheel for CNC grinding machine.

In order to obtain the ideal grinding speed in the grinding process of the CNC grinding machine, it is generally better to use a grinding wheel close to the aperture. However, when the diameter of the grinding wheel increases, the contact arc between the grinding wheel and the workpiece also increases, resulting in an increase in grinding heat. It makes chip removal and cooling more difficult. In order to achieve better results, the diameter of the grinding wheel generally has an appropriate ratio to the diameter of the workpiece to be ground. Usually this ratio is between 0.5 and 0.9.

3. Selection of Wheel width .

The CNC grinding machine adopts a wide grinding wheel, which is beneficial to reduce the surface roughness of the workpiece and improve the production efficiency, and reduce the wear of the grinding wheel. However, the grinding wheel can not be selected too wide, which will increase the grinding force and cause the bending deformation of the long shaft of the grinding wheel. To allow for the rigidity of the long shaft of the grinding wheel and the allowable range of machine power, the wheel width can be selected according to the length of the workpiece.

4. Selection of abrasive, particle size, hardness and binder

The characteristics of abrasive , grit size, hardness and bonding agent of CNC internal grinding machine can be selected according to the material and processing precision of the workpiece. Generally, the grinding wheel structure used in CNC internal grinding machine should be looser than the outer grinding wheel.

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