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The Development Of Superhard Abrasive Wheel --- Single-layer Brazing Grinding Wheel
Jan 05, 2018

The development of superhard abrasive wheel --- single-layer brazing grinding wheel

In order to give full play to the advantages of single-layer grinding wheel, in the early 90s foreign countries began to use high-temperature brazing technology to process new type of grinding wheels -- single-layer high-temperature brazing grinding wheel. The development of single-layer superabrasive abrasive wheel is that used high-temperature brazing instead of electroplating aims to improve the bonding strength between abrasive, brazing material and matrix by the chemical metallurgical bonding of brazing. Due to the high-temperature brazing technology provided high bonding strength at the interface, only need to make the bonding layer thickness maintain 20% -30% of the abrasive thicknesses, which can hold the abrasive firmly in the high-speed and high-load grinding.

At the same time, because the bonding layer thickness is very thin, the brazing grinding wheel can make the abrasive bare height reach 70% -80% of the abrasive height. The chip space between the abrasive materials is greatly expanded, which is not easy to block and improve the effective abrasive cutting edge more. The grinding wheel is sharper, greatly reduced the heat by metal generated. And a large chip space can effectively accommodate more grinding fluid; the grinding temperature is greatly reduced, which can effectively prevent the grinding burns. Especially in the efficient grinding, it shows its unparalleled advantages.

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