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The Application Of Electroplating Diamond Tools
Nov 15, 2017

The requirements of electroplated diamond tools are getting higher and higher in the abrasive industry, which are high efficiency, long life and high grinding accuracy. However, to ensure these characteristics of the tools, the coating metal not only has high hardness and abrasion resistance, but also the abrasives need to be uniformly distributed in all parts of metal base to prevent the coating from falling off and shorten the service life.

Electroplated diamond tools refer to the tools of making the diamond firmly glue on the base (steel or other materials) by method of metal electrodeposition. It can be widely used in mechanical and electronic, glass, building materials, oil drilling and other industries.

Applications: For the processing of crankshaft, main bearings, connecting rod bearings, piston rod, piston ring groove, valve head and stem, gear, rack, thread and journal parts. Electroplating diamond reamer is for reaming in light industry and hydraulic parts. Electroplated diamond grinding wheel has high machining accuracy and long life. In addition, the files are for coping the nail; electroplating grindstone is for the knife; diamond plating heads for dental dentists use and so on.

1, machining industry

Electroplated diamond rollers have been successfully applied to dress the normal grinding wheel of form grinding or grinding directly to the workpiece, and are widely used in processing crankshaft, bearings, hydraulic valves and so on. 

Electroplated diamond files and grinding heads are widely used in machining grinding, carbide or hardened hard steel mold, or a variety of shapes of the workpiece surface and the inner hole.

Electroplated diamond reamer has been become a tool for the reaming of hydraulic equipment and sewing machine parts with the advantages of high precision, high efficiency and durability.  2, electrical and electronics industry

Electroplated diamond cutting disc is the best tool for cutting hard and brittle precious materials. The diamond blades have the characteristics ofhigh efficiency, narrow slit, less material loss and so on.

The material commonly used in electrical and electric equipment, which are graphite and carbon materials with hard and brittle nature. It can make electroplating diamond roller grind large graphite block. Electroplated diamond disc is for cutting and electroplating grinding wheels are form grinding.

3, glass industry

Electroplated trepanning tools can be directly dug a variety of round billets of optical instruments lens on the optical glass plate.

 Electroplated diamond grinding wheel, reamer, drilling bits can be carried out in ordinary flat glass edging, drilling, reaming.

 4, arts and crafts and daily necessities industry

 Electroplated diamond grinding head can be carving and grinding flowers for a variety of precious stones, jasper, ceramics and other industrial arts.

Electroplated diamond nail file as a complete set of grooming tools, designed for people to wear and polish nails.

Electroplated diamond wheels are used for trimming rubber soles.

Electroplated diamond tools are with high bonding strength, high grinding efficiency, small shape error and easy to maintain, used a wide range of applications.