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The Advantages Of Ceramic Bond Diamond Grinding Wheel In Processing PDC
Jan 10, 2019

The ceramic bond diamond grinding wheel has the following five advantages over the resin bond diamond grinding wheel  in  processing PDC:

1. The grinding efficiency of ceramic grinding wheel is more than 3 times that of resin grinding wheel;

2. In the whole grinding process, the ceramic  bonded wheel does not need to be trimmed except the first surface of the grinding wheel , while The resin bonded  grinding wheel must be trimmed 7~12 times, otherwise the workpiece will not be ground;

3. The PDC grounded is also very different in shape. The side of the PDC processed by the resin grinding wheel is projected into an isosceles trapezoid, and one end of the diamond layer is much larger than the other end of the base body, and the side of the PDC processed by the ceramic grinding wheel is projected into a rectangular shape. The dimensions of the two end faces are the same, and this point is measured at a glance. This is mainly because the resin grinding wheel has a certain elasticity, and will have a certain retreat during the grinding process, and the ceramic grinding wheel has a large elastic modulus, good rigidity, high temperature resistance, and no knife knives during grinding;

4. The workpiece finish is better than the resin wheel. Because the resin material in the resin grinding wheel is not resistant to high temperature, it is easy to soften at 200 ° C, resulting in greater brittleness, which causes the grinding wheel to collapse. Therefore, more copper powder is often added to the grinding wheel for heat dissipation, and copper is extended. It is very apt to adhere to the PDC, making the processed products not bright. The products processed by the ceramic grinding wheel can almost reach the degree of mirror surface, and it is expected that the rough and fine processing will be completed in one process;

5. The ceramic d bonded diamond wheel  can be given large feed. If the resin grinding wheel adopts a large feed amount, either the grinding wheel does not move the workpiece or the grinding wheel collapses.

In short, when the ceramic bonded diamond wheel grinds the PDC, the grinding efficiency is high, the number of dressing times during grinding is small, the workpiece size is processed with high precision, and the finish is high.  So it is the most suitable choice for grinding PDC. However, the problem is that the ceramic bonded diamond grinding wheel is higher in manufacturing cost than the resin bonded diamond  grinding wheel, so it is necessary to further improve the durability of the grinding wheel to expand the cost performance advantage of the ceramic grinding wheel in grinding PDC materials.

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