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The Definition Of Grinding Wheel Strength
Jan 19, 2018

The definition of grinding wheel strength

Grinding wheel strength includes the tensile strength, bending strength, compressive strength and resistance to spontaneous escape strength. The tensile strength shows the grinding wheel can be bear the maximum tensile stress intensity. it is a secondary indicator of abrasive tools manufacturing, directly related to the strength of the rupture when the wheel is in high-speed spin. The bending strength shows the maximum bending stress or bending limit of abrasive wheels. Grinding tools for forming grinding methods, such as thread grinding, crankshaft grinding and cutting into the various types of grinding, etc., are required that the grinding wheel has better bending strength to resist the bending stress in grinding process. The compression performance is under the pressure of the abrasive strength limit. When the grinding wheel is being increased radial load, abrasive fracture and rupture of the extent are related to the compressive strength. The resistance to spontaneous escape strength means the abrasive tools resist the the performance of escape under dynamic load. Abrasive tools strength comes from the manufacturing process, binding agent performance and abrasive specifications. The influence factors of abrasive tools strength reflect abrasive type, particle size, the binder type and its performance, abrasive tools position, organization, density, mixed Materials and heat treatment process conditions, abrasive tools shape, wheel’s diameter and hole size ratio etc. After confirming the characteristics and specifications of abrasive wheels, the binder performance and heat treatment condition become secondary factors.

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