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The Balance Holder Principle Of Tungsten Steel Grinding Wheels
Oct 28, 2017

Tungsten steel wheel balance holder is one of necessary accessories for the grinder. We should know its principles, maybe will use in the future.

Unbalanced grinding wheel in the high-speed rotation will cause the vibration, affecting the processing quality and the precision of machine tool. Serious result will also cause damage to the machine and the grinding wheel. The primary of causing the imbalance is the uneven density of the grinding wheel, geometric shape asymmetry and installation eccentricity. The balance holder selection should choose high-quality materials as the balance shaft. After the heat treatment, the precision machining and assembly will be got high precision and stable performance. It is an ideal machine tool accessory. The grinding wheels with general diameter more than 125mm should be balanced, so that the center of gravity wheel and its axis of rotation coincide.

Tungsten steel grinding wheel should be balanced before the installation. There are a static balance and dynamic balance. Under normal circumstances, it is only for static balance. But in high-speed grinding (speed is more than 50m / s), it must be dynamic balance. When we check the balance, the wheel will be mounted on the balance mandrel, and then put the mandrel into the grinding wheel flat balance on the balance rail. The grinding wheel will swing back and forth until the swing stop. The balanced grinding wheel can be stationary at any position. And if the wheel is unbalanced, the heavier part is always turned below, and then can move the position of the balance block to achieve the balance.