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Introduction And Application Of Vitrified Bond Diamond And CBN Grinding Wheel
Aug 18, 2017

Vitrified bond diamond and CBN grinding wheel is the use of diamond or CBN as abrasive (collectively referred to as super-hard abrasive), corundum, silicon carbide as auxiliary abrasive, and mix up with frit (including B2O3, Na2O, Al2O3 and SiO2 glass), non-frit(Clay, feldspar, etc.), colorants (Fe2O3, Cr2O3, etc.), temporary binders (water glass, dextrin, liquid resin, etc.). Via molding, sintering, dressing and other manufacturing processes to made different shapes, which can be adapted to different grinding requirements.

Ceramic bonding diamond grinding wheel has good chemical stability, heat resistance. Its grinding characteristics in the self-sharpening, wear resistance, grinding efficiency is between the resin bond and metal bond. The working layer is wear less than resin bond. At the same time maintain a better shape. Its sharpness and the efficiency is better than metal bond. It is not easy to cause clogging and workpiece burns. Vitrified bond diamond grinding wheel is mainly used for carbide, titanium carbide and other tool materials, grinding, and hard ceramics, diamond polycrystalline, natural single crystal hard and brittle non-metallic materials processing. In the processing of these materials, its service life, grinding efficiency, sharpness and other performance are better than resin bond and metal bond grinding wheel. Vitrified bond CBN grinding wheel is mainly suitable for a variety of stainless steel and other mild steel grinding to achieve very good results, suitable for the fine grinding in the automatic machine tools (miniature bearings, air compressor, crankshaft, camshaft, high precision thread ). It is also suitable for the grinding of complex surface workpieces (like shaper cutter, broach, high precision gear, mold, punch, etc.), which requires the grinding wheel to have good edge retention, and for lots of precision workpieces (machine guide, high precision wire Bars, etc.). It has good effect on the grinding of heat-resistant steel, titanium alloy steel, tungsten-molybdenum high-speed steel, vanadium alloy steel, cobalt alloy steel and difficult-to-process heat-resistant steel workpieces. In the grinding and cutting of iron material, there will be no metal filings phenomenon.