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The Grinding Of Vitrified Bond Grinding Wheels
Mar 16, 2018

The grinding of vitrified bond grinding wheels

Vitrified bond grinding wheels should be remained same height of the axis of the grinding wheel and the workpiece axis, usually we can adjust the error of the contour according to the grinding decorative pattern. The surface of the grinding ball is convex pattern, which mean that the another part of grinding wheel participates in grinding, the center position of the grinding wheel should be adjusted so that it is equal to the center of the workpiece until the surface of the ball is intermeshed.

When grind the outer spherical surface, the tolerance requires within 0.003-0.004mm. The wheel frame must be rotated at a certain angle, and the inner hole dressing of the grinding wheel should be completed before adjusting the machine. The grinding wheel is blunt in the grinding process, there is no need to trim the inner hole. Just use the sand bar to dress the end surface of the grinding wheel. Due to the severe friction, the temperature is high in the grinding zone. This will cause the stress and deformation of workpieces, and even cause the surface burning. Therefore, a large amount of coolant must be injected to reduce the grinding temperature. The coolant can also function as a chip and a lubricant.

The grinding wheels become blunt, and the grinding force increases so that the abrasive is broken or detached, then re-exposed sharp edges. This feature is the grinding wheel's "self-sharpening." Self-sharpening can be made the grinding wheel proceed normally for a certain period of time. After a certain amount of working time, it need manual dressing so as to avoid increasing the grinding force, which will cause vibration, noise and damage to the surface quality of the workpiece .

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