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The Introduction Of Resin Bond Grinding Wheel And Vitrifiedbondgrinding Wheel
Mar 01, 2018

The introduction of Resin wheel and ceramic wheel


There are various types of grinding wheels, each type has its own different functions. Today we will introduce resin bonded and vitrified bonded grinding wheel.

Resin bond grinding Wheel: it is made of resin bond. The shrink rate of resin binder is small, the curing temperature is low. It can be made into a variety of complex shapes grinding wheels, but also buried metal rings and glass mesh cloth and other reinforcing materials, so the wheel rotating strength is higher, can be worked in heavy or impact force conditions. For example,  high-speed grinding wheel can be up to 50 m / s, the load is generally as high as 5000 cattle. Resin has a certain flexibility, For grinding mirror glass, the grinding wheel can make the workpieces obtain a small surface roughness. Using the plasticity of the resin before hardening, it is also possible to make cutting or grooving grinding wheels of 0.8 mm or thinner thickness. Its disadvantage is that it has poor chemical stability, and is not suitable for the use alkaline cutting fluid.

Vitrified bond grinding wheel: It has good stability, can be wet grinding with various kinds of cutting fluid and also can be dry grinding. Vitrified bonding wheel widely used in internal and external and flat surface grinding. And it is also suitable for forming grinding and other grinding of tools, gears, threads, crankshaft. It can also be made of high-speed grinding wheel, using for high-speed grinding, a cut depth is up to 10 to 20 mm. The disadvantage of ceramic bond wheel is the brittleness, and is not suitable for working under heavy load conditions.

JR company specializes in diamond and CBN tools, including resin bond, vitrified bond, metal bond and electroplated grinding wheel.

vitrified bond grinding wheel:

Resin bond grinding wheel:

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