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What Is The Best Grinding Wheel For Grinding Saw Teeth?
Nov 09, 2018

If it is a sawtooth made of cemented carbide, it is best to use a diamond resin wheel. If it is ordinary steel, use a green silicon carbide grinding wheel. In addition, it is necessary to ensure that the appropriate amount of feed and the choice of the size of the grinding wheel are appropriate. Also, the speed of the grinding wheel varies depending on the situation, and other problems need to be considered.

The general principle for selecting the hardness of the grinding wheel is to use a hard grinding wheel in order to prevent the abrasive from falling off prematurely when processing the soft metal. In the processing of hard metals, soft abrasive wheels are used in order to release the blunt abrasive particles in time to expose new abrasive grains (ie, self-sharpness) with sharp edges and corners. The former is because when grinding soft materials, the working abrasive grains of the grinding wheel wear very slowly, and do not need to be detached too early; the latter is because when grinding hard materials, the working abrasive grains of the grinding wheel wear faster and need to update faster.

In the case of fine grinding, in order to ensure the grinding accuracy and roughness, a slightly hard grinding wheel should be used. When the workpiece material has poor thermal conductivity and is prone to burns and cracks (such as grinding hard alloys), the selected grinding wheel should be softer.

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