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What Letter Is The Diamond Wheels Bond Used?
Nov 14, 2018

The bonding agent refers to a material in which various bonding agents in the bonded abrasive tool are bonded to the abrasive. The bonded abrasive tool generally adopts four major types of bonding agents: ceramic, resin, rubber, and diamond bituminous.

The binder-action is to bond the abrasive particles to shape the grinding wheel. Commonly used are:

1) Ceramic bond (code V or A): stable in nature and low in cost, used in most grinding wheels.

2) Resin bonding agent (code S or B): high strength, good elasticity, poor heat resistance (self-sharpness), used in thin-plate grinding wheels, high-speed grinding and prone to grinding and grinding cracks (such as Grinding thin-walled parts, super-fine grinding, grinding hard alloys, etc.).

3) Rubber bond (code R or X): the best elasticity. Guide wheels, sheet grinding wheels and polishing wheels for centerless grinding machines.

4) Metal bond (code M or J): mostly bronze. High strength, good formability but poor self-sharpness, mainly used for diamond grinding wheels.

There are two kinds of codes, which are generally distinguished by the first letter in Chinese and English.

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