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Vitrified Diamond Grinding Wheels

Vitrified Diamond Grinding Wheels

1A1 Vitrified bonded diamond grinding wheels are used for grinding natural diamond,we can customize according to the drawing.

  • Features & Specification

    Vitrified diamond grinding wheels

    Application: Vitrified diamond grinding wheels are used for grinding natural diamond


    Vitrified Diamond Grinding Wheels.jpg

                            Vitrified diamond grinding wheels

             shape         D(mm)        H(mm)         T(mm)          X(mm)
                                                                                  1A1          80
        25/32         10           10
             100    25/32         10          10
             150    25/32         10          10
             160    25/32         10          10


      Shape: 1A1 grinding wheel

      Base material: Aluminum/Steel

      Bond: Vitrified bond

      Abrasive: diamond 

      Grit: D64/D91

      Usage: for grinding diamond

      Advantage: Long life,high effecient, good polishing

      Certificate: ISO 9001, ROHS, REACH 

      Sample price:

      Size: D175 * H32 * 8T * 20X  D64/D91

      MOQ: 1PC

      Price: $80

      Working piece: natural diamond


    Vitrified Bonded Diamond Grinding Wheel

    Vitrified bond is a vitreous binding material and generally, contains pores inside while other materials contain no pores.


    sharp cutting;

    Grinding efficiency can be raised more than 30%;

    Longer service life (The life is 3-4 times than resin bond wheel);

    Less heat and jam generated in grinding;

    Easy to dress and control the processing precision, etc. 

    Diamond is one kind of super-hard abrasive material, with a Moh's harness of 10.Compare with CBN,diamond is used for grinding hard but brittle and short-chipping materials, such as tungsten carbide,glass,ceramics,quarz,graphite and so on.

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